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CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator is an exclusive annual training program, open to up to 10 women-identifying directors and producers each year. They come to CIRCLE to develop documentary projects with strong international appeal in various stages of the filmmaking process (from development to rough cut).


We act as a springboard for instigating transnational collaborations, and, through this, empower women audiovisual professionals (particularly those coming from disadvantaged circumstances) to achieve their full, international potential. The main mission is to empower women in the film industry and increase the visibility of women-identifying authors and filmmakers in broader Europe and general.

Since our founding in 2018, we’ve supported 50+ women.

This platform was first launched during the Underhill Fest International Film Festival in 2018 as an innovation dedicated to women filmmakers developing feature-length documentary films. 


CIRCLE arose from the need to support women-identifying filmmakers who make documentaries, by providing them with a platform for consultation, collaboration, sharing ideas, creating contacts and improving their skills with the support of leading experts in various fields of film art and industry.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The goal is to provide the participants with tools for quick professional advancement, with a special focus on the development of the artistic potential of their projects.

Our Vision

We would like to enhance women empowerment, to create a long-lasting network of women directors and producers from all over the world that could help them in their future artisitic work.

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