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WAKE UP FILMS is an independent production company founded in 2010. in Novi Sad, Serbia by Biljana Tutorov, art historian, director and producer. Its predominant activity is the production of films, audio-visual and TV program and co-productions. With a passion, WAKE UP Films defends stories that question our humanity and our deep sense of being. There are several cross-media and documentary TV films in the WAKE UP Film’s awakening hub.








UNDERHILL FEST is dedicated to full-length documentary films created in low production capacity countries and independent productions, films that strike with innovation, ideas and powerful storylines. The aim of our festival is primarily to educate the public about the special place that this particular form of film enjoys in the world, as well as about the power that documentaries have in presenting both urgent and those seemingly trivial social problems in the world. It is a humane and socially engaged project: isolated from any institutionalized framework, open, slightly alternative and rebellious, intended solely for a free, creative and curious visitor who likes art and film, and who can recognize the seriousness of the problems that documentary films are dealing with.

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Meet our Partners


DOK LEIPZIG is one of the world's leading festivals for documentary and animation films, unique in combining these two disciplines in its festival history of more than 60 years. Every year at the end of October, the festival attracts more than 45,000 viewers and presents more than 300 films from all over the globe. DOK Leipzig has become an important platform for directors to present their films to a public audience for the first time and the international film industry meets DOK Industry Programme to develop, promote and distribute new films and interactive projects.










The European Women’s Audiovisual Network supports women working in the European film industry. Through networking opportunities, career boosting programs, research and advocacy, and further member benefits, we encourage the professional development of women in the audiovisual sector. Through our Blog, we promote the visibility of female-driven audiovisual content in general and of EWA Network members in particular.









EDN - European Documentary Network is a global network for professionals working with documentary film and TV. Around 1000 members from more than 60 countries have joined EDN. The organisation is open for both newcomers and established filmmakers from around the world. EDN provides documentary consulting and informs about possibilities for funding, financing, development, co-production, distribution and collaboration across borders.