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CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator at WEMW 2024

Updated: Jan 24

The CIRCLE 2023 edition is drawing to a close, leaving behind an unforgettable journey of creativity and growth. After two immersive modules in Greece and Serbia, the CIRCLE participants are embarking on their final leg, heading to Italy to participate in the When East Meets West Coproduction Market. From January 21st to 25th, our ten talented filmmakers will have the opportunity to showcase their compelling projects to potential partners and industry experts.

WEMW provides an unparalleled platform for networking and collaboration, offering a chance for our participants to connect with a diverse range of stakeholders after dedicating two modules to refining their creative vision and project packaging.

We invite you to delve into the rich tapestry of stories presented by our 10 exceptional participants. Their diverse perspectives and storytelling styles bring to life radical and intimate tales, challenging audiences to confront the complexities of belonging, home, personal emancipation, and revolution.

Complementing the comprehensive program offered by WEMW, we are thrilled to continue our Breakfast With CIRCLE series – casual panel discussions that feature unconventional approaches to filmmaking. This year's sessions encompass "The Black Box of Film: Lessons from Aviation" with Petar Glomazić, a former airline CEO and filmmaker, and "Olympic Routines and the Art of Filmmaking" featuring sports psychologist Renata Barić, director and producer Rok Biček, and producer Tereza Simikova.

In addition, we will host an awards ceremony for our participants in collaboration with our esteemed partners - WEMW, TDIF Agora, EWA, Cineuropa, EFM and DAE.

CIRCLE WEMW Schedule 2024

Tuesday, 23.01.2024 Breakfast with CIRCLE9:00 - 10:00 

Olympic Routines and the Sport of filmmaking

Guests: Renata Barić, Tereza Simikova, Rok Biček

Location: Library (Hotel Savoya, Trieste)

Renata Barić is a sport psychologist coaching Croatian champions and national teams. In conversation with Tereza Simikova, producer and Chicken & Egg International Program Consultant, and Rok Biček, award winning Slovenian filmmaker. What can we learn from champions in order to keep track, not lose faith and stay focused to succeed? 

Wednesday, 24.01.2024 Breakfast with CIRCLE9:00 - 10:00

The Black Box of Film - Lessons from Aviation 

Guest: Petar Glomazić 

Location: Library (Hotel Savoya, Trieste)  

In conversation with Petar Glomazić, an aeronautical engineer, former airline CEO and filmmaker. What can we learn from the aviation industry to facilitate the filmmaking process and improve the team work? 

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