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CIRCLE presence at CPH:DOX

We are delighted to announce that two films developed within the CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator framework will be taking part at this year's edition of CPH:DOX, in different sections of the festival. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our CIRCLE 2020. alumna Patricia Drati, for being selected as a member of this year's jury for the DOX:Award at CPH:DOX! Today, The Eclipse / Formørkelsen / Pomračenje directed by Nataša Urban and edited by Jelena Maksimović, will have its World premiere in the International Main competition of CPH:DOX. The Eclipse was developed through the 2018. edition of the CIRCLE program. It is produced by Medieoperatørene as a part of the Nye veier-programme by Norsk filminstitutt, and supported by Stiftelsen Fritt Ord and Fond for lyd og bilde.

Short synopsis:

"On August 11, 1999, while the world celebrated, most of Serbia’s population barricaded themselves in their homes and nuclear bunkers, in fear of the lunar shadow. Using this event as a metaphor for nation’s unclean conscience about the consequences of its political choices, the director confronts her country’s wartime and criminal past, and the evil that is still on the loose today."

Still from The Eclipse directed by Nataša Urban

Tomorrow marks the start of the CPH:DOX Forum, CPH:DOX's financing and coproduction event dedicated to facilitating the development and financing of creative and visually strong film projects with international potential. Maka Gogaladze, our CIRCLE 2020. alumna, will be pitching her documentary Ever Since I knew Myself in this section. Short synopsis: "I, the daughter of a Georgian tiger mother, travel around classrooms and observe children to help portray my childhood. I juxtapose these images with my mother's letters, reflecting her attempt to transform me from a restive child into a model citizen."

Still from Ever Since I knew Myself, directed by Maka Gogaladze

Finally, as part of CPH:DOX, there will be two live events in which Nataša will participate in order to discuss her film:

March 31st: A MORNING WITH (Nataša Urban and Sierra Pettengill)

April 2nd: TALK - A PAST STILL PRESENT (Nataša Urban and Tijana Mišković)

Congratulations and fingers crossed to our dear alumnae! We are happy and proud to support female filmmakers from all around the world!

CPH:DOX takes place from March 23 – April 3, 2022.

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