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CIRCLE @ When East Meets West

The CIRCLE 2022 edition is slowly coming to a close, and what a journey it's been!

After two intense modules in Serbia and Croatia, for the third and final module, the CIRCLE participants are heading to Italy, where they will participate in the When East Meets West Coproduction Market (Trieste). From the 22nd to the 25h of January, our ten participants will gather in order to present their projects to potential partners and decision-makers.

Finding La Singla by Paloma Zapata, CIRCLE 2022

We invite you to discover our catalogue and immerse yourself in the work of our 10 amazing participants. The projects range from the genre-bending and poetical to the surreal and socially critical - from daring investigations to stories of great intimacy.

Projects and participants

A VERY LONG WINTER - Shirley Abraham, director & producer (India)

DARKNESS - Sandra Enkvist, producer (Finland)

DO MAGIC - Vera Lacková, director (Slovakia) FINDING LA SINGLA - Paloma Zapata, director & producer (Spain) ONE OF US - Rachel Close, director (UK, Romania) RIVER DREAMS - Kristina Mikhailova, director (Kazakhstan) TALE OF THE PLUM SPIRIT - Milica Đjenić, director (Serbia) THE DAYS OF RIPE RASPBERRIES - Martha Bouziouri, director (Greece) THE ELF'S TOWER - Polina Kelm, director & producer (Ukraine) WHERE DO BUTTERFLIES SLEEP - Simona Jerala, director (Slovenia)

In addition to the customised programme offered by the WEMW, we will be organising a series of morning masterclasses - Breakfast With CIRCLE, as well as Meet the CIRCLE delegation session. Finally, there will be an awards ceremony for our participants, in cooperation with WEMW, EWA Network, Cineuropa and BELDOCS International Documentary Film Festival.

Find our schedule below!

CIRCLE Schedule @ WEMW

Monday, 23 January

19:00 pm

CIRCLE Awards Ceremony Location: Hotel Savoy, Trieste

Tuesday, 24 January

9:00-10:00 am

Breakfast with CIRCLE Guests: Ivana Mladenović & Adrian Schiop Location: Library (Hotel Savoy, Trieste)

RE-WRITING REALITY Award winning director Ivana Mladenović and screenwriter Adrian Schiop will explore their symbiotic creative relationship that fluidly lives between fiction and documentary, discussing their collaboration and intentions when writing for the big screen. 11:00-12:00 Meet the CIRCLE delegation With CIRCLE participants, experts and team Location: Library (Hotel Savoy, Trieste)

Informal meeting with CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator delegation. Wednesday, 25 January

9:30-11:00 am Breakfast with CIRCLE

Guests: Anna-Lisa Putorti & Diana Rulli Location: Library CREATIVE LEGAL Two entertainment lawyers, Anna-Lisa Putorti and Diana Rulli, will share their experience and advice on keeping creativity safe in a business-oriented industry. As the documentary field enters an unprecedented time of commercialisation, assembling your team to include members that have both your and your works best interests at heart has never been more relevant.

We look forward to seeing you in Trieste!

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