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CIRCLE - Women Doc Accelerator in Tivat (21 - 26 September)

Town of Tivat hosting the international film training program

CIRCLE - Women Doc Accelerator, a training initiative dedicated to female documentary film directors and producers, from 21st to 26th September will hold Module 02 of this year’s program in Tivat (Montenegro). This training program is the result of the collaboration of production company Wake Up Films from Novi Sad (Serbia), Underhill Fest from Podgorica (Montenegro), and the Film Centre of Montenegro. In its four years of existence, CIRCLE has established itself as one of the leading platforms for the professional development of filmmakers in Europe. Among the partners hosting various segments of the program are DOK Leipzig, the oldest documentary film festival in the world, the WEMW Film Forum in Trieste, and since last year, the Cannes Film Festival.

Twelve chosen female directors and producers with documentary projects from Germany, Sweden, Russia, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Syria, Azerbaijan, Kenya, and Brazil, will work with reputable filmmakers and professionals during their stay in Tivat, in order to improve their projects and professional skills, but also on establishing sustainable business models and connecting to the global professional network.

This year, mentors who will be attending Module 02 in Tivat are: Hubert Sauper, celebrated Austrian director, screenwriter, and producer, winner of many prestigious film awards and an Oscar nomination, Bianca Oana, Romanian producer whose film "Touch Me Not" won the 2018 Berlinale, while the film "Collective" had a double Oscar nomination, Iranian director Firouzeh Khosrovani, winner of the IDFA Festival 2020, Swedish editor Phil Jandaly, copyright expert from Italy Anna Lisa Putorti, Joanna Solecka - expert of the leading European film marketing agency Alphapanda from Switzerland, and sales agent and distributor Aleksandar Govedarica - Syndicado, Canada.

In the part of the program, the participants will be joined by four Montenegrin students from the regional school of documentary film Dokuškola.

“Our mission is to contribute to gender equality through the empowerment of women in a professional context. In the local communities where we get together to work through meeting successful women in film art, we inspire dialogue and the promotion of values that will lead to a fairer and better society, a society that does not neglect half of its capacities. We want to focus our attention and social debate, as much as possible, on the issue of women's leadership as an opportunity to unleash our full social potential." says Biljana Tutorov, program director.

A workshop in Tivat will be held in collaboration with the Film Centre of Montenegro, Tivat Municipality, Cultural Centre Tivat, Foundation Petrović Njegoš, Underhill Fest, and companies Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay.

Part of the program open to the general public will be screenings of two award-winning films in the presence of the director and two masterclasses.


In collaboration with Underhill Fest, Cultural Centre Tivat, Porto Montenegro, and Luštica Bay.

22 September 2021, 9:00 PM (CET)

RADIOGRAPH OF A FAMILY (2020) dir. Firouzeh Khosrovani

The big stage of the Cultural Center Tivat, Luke Tomanovića 4

Film screening and a conversation with the directress, winner of the Best Feature-Length Documentary at the 2020 IDFA festival.


I am the product of Iran’s struggle between secularism and the Islamic ideology.

My parents’ love story takes us from the Shah era to the Islamic Revolution and the hardships during the Iran-Iraq War, up to the present day – all in our home in Tehran. In my childhood, I was constantly forced to choose between my parents; each day, I endured imposition from one side and acceptance from the other.

24 September 2021, 9:00 PM (CET)

EPICENTRO (2020) dir. Hubert Sauper

Luštica Bay Amphiteather

Alternative location in case of bad weather conditions: The big stage of the Cultural Center Tivat, Luke Tomanovića 4

Screening of the film that won Sundance Festival in 2020 and a conversation with the director.


EPICENTRO, an immersive and metaphorical portrait of post-colonial, «utopian» Cuba, where the 1898 explosion of the USS Maine still resonates. This Big Bang ended Spanish colonial dominance in the Americas and ushered in the era of the American Empire. At the same time and place, a powerful tool of conquest was born: cinema as propaganda.

In EPICENTRO, Sauper explores a century of interventionism and myth-making together with the extraordinary people of Havana – particularly its children, who he calls «young prophets» – to interrogate time, imperialism, and cinema itself.


In collaboration with CED - MEDIA Offices of Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia

23 September 2021, 10:45 AM (CET)


Aleksandar Govedarica (sales agent and distributor, Syndicado FS, Canada)

23 Septembar 2021, 3:00 PM (CET)


Anna Lisa Putorti (lawyer, Italy)

Masterclass programs will be held in English. Additional information and reservations:

More about the program on and our Facebook page:

EPICENTRO (dir. Hubert Sauper, 2020, Groupe Deux, KGP Filmproduktion, Little Magnet Films)

Partners of CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator 2021:

Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, City of Novi Sad, RE-ACT, Film Centre of Montenegro, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, When East Meets West, Canes Docs - Marché du Film, Documentary Association of Europe (DAE), CED - MEDIA Office Croatia, CED - MEDIA Office Serbia, CED - MEDIA Office Slovenia, Motovila, CED - MEDIA Office Montenegro, EWA Network, Cineuropa, Tivat Municipality, Luštica Bay, Porto Montenegro, Foundation Petrović Njegoš, Underhill Fest, Sekvenca - Zagreb and Cut Up production - Podgorica.

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