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Nataša Urban's The Eclipse wins biggest award at CPH:DOX!

Dear friends and colleagues, We are thrilled to announce that The Eclipse, directed by CIRCLE 2018 alumna Nataša Urban triumphed in the main DOX:AWARD Competition at this year's edition of CPH:DOX!

"We were stirred by the film’s rage, moved by its tender beauty, and roused by the ugliness it courageously makes its subject. As our present of war and violence threatens to one day become yesterday’s news, this film tells us in unambiguous terms: do not look away; do not forget," said the jury comprising producer Patricia Drati, writer and editor Devika Girish, filmmakers Marcus Lindeen and Marion Neumann and curator Julian Ross.

The Eclipse by Nataša Urban

Developed within the framework of CIRCLE in 2018

Short synopsis "On August 11, 1999, while the world celebrated, most of Serbia’s population barricaded themselves in their homes and nuclear bunkers, in fear of the lunar shadow.

Using this event as a metaphor for nation’s unclean conscience about the consequences of its political choices, the director confronts her country’s wartime and criminal past, and the evil that is still on the loose today."

Our warmest congratulations to Nataša and her entire team!

The Eclipse is was produced by Norway's Medieoperatørene and the UK's Taskovski Films has the international rights.

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