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Third time in a row - CIRCLE project wins major award at Cannes Docs: Marché du Film!

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that our third year of collaboration with Cannes Docs and Marché du Film brought yet another triumph for one of our own - the project Twice Colonized, directed by CIRCLE 2020 alumna Lin Alluna, was awarded the biggest Docs-in-Progress award in partnership with IEFTA!

Twice Colonized is the third CIRCLE project in a row to be awarded this prestigious award. Previous IEFTA Docs-in-Progress Award winners include “Beauty of the Beast” by Anna Nemes, produced by Circle 2018 alumna Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, and “Cent’anni” by Circle 2020 alumna Maja Prelog, produced by Rok Biček.

The jury consisting of Lidia Damatto (Morethan), Gugi Gumilang (In Docs) and Muhammad Refaat (Al Jazeera Documentary), awarded the Docs-in-Progress award to Twice Colonized, stating that:

“The project really struck a chord with the jury for its outstanding empathetic storytelling as it explores a strong woman who wants to change herself and the world. The film walks an emotional tightrope and asks us broader questions around our culpability in systems of inequality.”

The project was presented as part of the Showcase CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator.

The award consists of €10,000 cash prize and professional project follow-up, supported by IEFTA – The International Emerging Film Talent Association.


Developed within the framework of CIRCLE in 2020

Short synopsis:

Renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her youngest son unexpectedly passes away, Aaju embarks on a highly personal journey to bring her colonizers in both Canada and Denmark to justice. But is it possible to change the world and mend your own wounds at the same time?

Lin Alluna, director:

"Thank you so much for this, thank you to the CIRCLE team and Biljana for giving us this opportunity to gather with you" said Lin Alluna, upon recieving the award. " I also want to give a special thank you and congratulations to to Aaju, the film's main character who is also the screenwriter. She's a lawyer and an activist who works for indigenous people's rights. She very generously shares her life story and bears her soul for us to learn from her. I hope that, when the film is finished, you will be inspired by her like we are." concluded Alluna.

Twice Colonized is directed by Lin Alluna (Denmark) and produced by Emile Hertling Péronard (Ánorâk Film, Greenland & Denmark), Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (Red Marrow Media, Canada), Stacey Aglok MacDonald (Red Marrow Media, Canada) and Bob Moore (EyeSteelFilm, Canada).

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