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Two CIRCLE alumnae selected for Docu Rough Cut Boutique 2021!

Our CIRCLE alumnae Dalija Dozet (CIRCLE 2018) and Maja Prelog (CIRCLE 2020) have been selected for the DOCU Rough Cut Boutique 2021! Both their projects, My Dad's Lessons and Cent'anni, were developed in the frame of CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator!

CENT'ANNI, dir. Maja Prelog (Cvinger Film, Slovenia)

Leukemia survivor embarks on his own “Giro d’Italia” to heal from trauma but instead, rides into an emotional rollercoaster with his partner who follows him with her camera.

©CENT'ANNI by Maja Prelog, developed within the framework of CIRCLE in 2020 (Cvinger Film, Slovenia)

MY DAD'S LESSONS, dir. Dalija Dozet (Hulahop, Croatia)

My father Danko introduced me to the magic of film. He treated the camera as an extension of his hand, tirelessly documenting the world around him, fascinated by what he saw through the lens. While I was growing up we drifted apart, never managing to mend our relationship. Since his death, I’ve watched thousands of hours of his video archive documenting daily life of a family not sensing its dissolution. Now I want to know and understand him and his experience of the world, and thus deepen my own.

©MY DAD'S LESSONS by Dalija Dozet, developed within the framework of CIRCLE in 2018 (Hulahop, Croatia)

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