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Open Program


Film Screenings

As part of the CIRCLE Fiction Orbit open program, we are organising screenings of two award-winning films in cooperation with the Film Centre of Montenegro and Dvorana Park in Herceg Novi.


Directed by: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén
Produced by: Nima Yousefi, Alan McConnell, Géraldine Sprimont, Anne-Laure Guégan, Karina Avellan Troz, Marcelo Quesada Mena
| 106 min. | Sweden, Costa Rica, Belgium | 2021

Screening: November 22nd

20:00 h

Dvorana Park, Herceg Novi

In a remote village in Costa Rica, Clara, a withdrawn 40-year-old woman, experiences a sexual and mystical awakening as she begins a journey to free herself from the repressive religious and social conventions which have dominated her life.


CLARA, 40, is believed to have a special connection to God. As a "healer", she sustains a family and a village in need of hope, while she finds solace in her relationship with the natural world. After years of being controlled by her mother’s repressive care, Clara’s sexual desires are stirred by her attraction to her niece’s new boyfriend. This newly awakened force takes Clara to unexplored territory, allowing her to cross boundaries, both physical and mystical. Empowered by her self-discovery, Clara gradually frees herself from her role as“saint” and begins to heal herself.

1. MAIN STILL CLARA SOLA__Hobab__ResolveMedia__NeedProductions__PacificaGrey__LaidkaFilms_


Directed by: Ivana Mladenović
Produced by: Ada Solomon, Ivana Mladenović | 86 min. | Serbia, Romania | 2019

Screening: November 24th

20:00 h

Dvorana Park, Herceg Novi

Ivana invites friends, family and former lovers to play themselves & their emotions in a scripted version of the story of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. On the Danube border, drama becomes a comedy.


Ivana works as an actress in Romania, but after she is confronted with some health issues, decides to spend the summer in her small Serbian hometown by the Danube, surrounded by family. She is asked by the mayor to be the face of the local music festival and she reluctantly accepts it. But after her eccentric musician friends arrive from Bucharest and her love life involving a much younger local boy becomes the town’s gossip, Ivana is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Original protagonists, friends and family were invited to re-live the emotions and play themselves as fictional characters on camera in a story about a woman who cannot find her place on either sides of the Danube.


Masterclass program

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