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Meet 2018 Participants

Ágnes Horváth Szabó, producer (Hungary)

Producer Agnes Horvath-Szabo was born in Budapest. Besides studying law, she graduated with a degree in cultural management and film distribution in 2008. Since then, Agnes contributed to award-winning art-house films, documentaries and shorts as a freelance producer, associate producer or production manager. She has started producing documentaries in 2015, currently working on projects supported by MEDIA, Doha Film Institute and the Hungarian TV.


Shorena Tevzadze, director (Georgia)

Shorena Tevzadze has graduated from Georgian Shota Rustaveli state University of theater and film, where she has got MA in film making. In 2014 she graduated from Ilia State University and got MA in Art of dramaturgy. In 2017 she finished short course in documentary filmmaking in the University of Southern California, in frames of AFS, US state program. She has made several short movies and participated in several international film festivals and workshops. During her career she has got GNFC grant three times.


Nataša Urban, director (Norway, Serbia)

Nataša Urban is a documentary filmmaker and editor. Her films, such as Big Sister Punam and Journey of a Red Fridge (IDFA First Appearance Competition 2007, IDFA Top 25 Audience Favorites 2007), have been screened at over 100 international film festivals and have received 40 awards, including the UNICEF Award for Children Rights. They have aired on major TV networks worldwide and are used for educational purposes in schools around the world, from Ghana to Mongolia. Originally from Novi Sad, Serbia, she lives in Oslo, Norway where she works at Medieoperatørene documentary production company. She’s edited documentaries such as Between Us (Norwegian Emmy nominee) and The Future of Iraq (SIMA Social Impact Media Awards 2019 special mention). Nataša holds a Masters degree in Photography.

Andra Popescu, producer (Romania)

Andra Popescu is a Romanian producer living in Bucharest. Her training includes EAVE Workshop, Berlinale & Sarajevo Talents, La Fabrique des Cinemas du Monde Cannes. In 2015 she was the delegate producer of the Azerbaijani-Romanian-Germany documentary "Holy Cow" by Imam Hasanov that premiered at IDFA - "First Appearance Competition". She currently works with Italian, Serbian, Indian and Romanian documentary women filmmakers.


Dalija Dozet, director (Croatia)

Dalija Dozet has studied film directing at FAMU International in Prague 2006/2007, and have received her BA Degree in film and TV directing, Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb, 2010, and then and MA Degree in feature film directing, Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb 2014. She has created and directed short films which were screened at Croatian and European film festivals, as well as music videos, theatre and other projects. She is currently teaching filmmaking workshops for kids and grownups, organizing a film festival in her hometown Osijek and developing a few TV projects.



Andrijana Stojković, director and producer (Serbia)

Andrijana holds MA in Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She’s a PhD candidate at Doctoral Art Studies in Drama and Audiovisual Arts at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade - Documentary Filmmaking course. Author of 7 short fiction films and 8 short documentary films; 2 full-length documentaries and 1 feature fiction film. Her films were screened and awarded at numerous prestigious international film festivals. She was a member of the Arts Council of the Film Center of Serbia working as an adviser for minority co-productions. Founder of the film production company All Inclusive Films. One of the 6 founders of Association for Education in Audiovisual Culture FILMKULTURA.


Svetlana Strelnikova, director (Greece, Russia)

Svetlana Strelnikova, author and director is a Moscow-based award-winning documentary filmmaker interested in the intersection of idealism and real life. After graduating from the Moscow State University, she entered the National Film School. She worked as a Line producer and Fixer with foreign crews filming in Russia. She has attended a number of workshops. Her first feature film won a NYFA scholarship. Her director’s filmography includes feature-length documentaries, awarded at festivals. Her latest film, CARDIOPOLITIKA, was nominated for a Nika award – the main annual national film award presented by the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science. Currently she is working together with the US-based director Masha Panteleyeva on the feature length documentary "Paper cities: looking back to the future"


Katarina Bulajić, director (Montenegro)

Katarina Bulajic was born in Niksic, Montenegro. She graduated from Academy of Arts in Belgrade, department of TV and Film directing. During the school period she participated and competed in many regional and international film festivals and won numerous awards. She is one of Sarajevo Talents and Reyjkjavik Talents. She currently lives and works in Belgrade and has been integral part of several feature film projects and series.

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